workwize morgans

Karenza Alice
(Rocking M Vaquero  x  Rocking M Suzanna)
Foaled:  June 6, 1990
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC

"K.C." as we call her here on the farm, is still my favorite horse on the farm!! She is just an awesome horse! She was my first Morgan and sold me on the breed.  She is an elegant moving mare with big moves, and as much cow sense as a horse can have.  She has given us 6wonderful foals and at the age of 24 she looks great.  Take a look at her pedigree and you will see why a foal out of her would be an asset to any breeding program.  We have 1 of her get available for purchase. Since the fall of 2011 KC has become a school horse (Leased) at Eastwood Stable in Acme AB. She is helping many students learn how to ride and jump. She is in the ribbons quite consistantly with her young riders!!

***In August 2009 KC and I were on a Ladies team at a Ranch Rodeo - Our team won all 3 events (Team Penning, Team Sorting, Loading a Steer in Trailer) and the OverAll!!!! KC did all of the cow work - All at 19 years of age!! No one could believe she was 19!!

KC has been retired from breeding.

karenza alice Karenza Alice KC parade

Rocking M Miranda
(Rocking M Vaquero x Rocking M Blondie)
Foaled:  May 30, 1990
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC

"Miranda" is a lovely mare with the sweetest temperament you will find.  She stands 14.1 hh but boy does she have a body on her, depth and width yet still feminie.  She has been trained to ride, but has never made it to the show ring, to busy just being a trail horse. She has given us 4 foals. She is a producer of producers!! Check out the 2 offspring we have available from her.

Miranda has been retired from breeding and was SOLD to a retirement home where she is lightly ridden.

rocking m miranda rocking m miranda

Belle Star of Foxtail
(Triple S Red Major x Drumlin Dancer)
Foaled:  May 6, 1995
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC

" Belle" is a really nice rich dark chestnut with lots of type. She is sired by Triple S Red Major who is also the sire of Triple S Red Wind who has produced many a wonderful horse.  She is trained to ride, and has a wonderful trot and a rocking chair canter. She spent 2 months in a local feedlot, was roped off of, and has been used by us as a pleasure and ranch horse. She has produced 4 foals for us, 2 of which  have grown into big strong horses.  We have one of her offspring on offer.

Belle is in foal for 2015 to WorkWize Major Celebrity

belle star of foxtail

Moonlit Magic
(Bar D Major R-Chee x  Rocking M Celebra D)
Foaled:  June 11, 1998
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC

"Moon"  is truly heaven sent, and will never be for sale!  She was so easy to train, I do not remember really "halter breaking" her, and when it came time to put the saddle on her there were never any issue. We use her for everything, and boy is she ever cowy.  She has produced 2 lovely filly's both black and a very nice chestnut colt Stud prospect in 2008 - WorkWize Major Celebrity.  Moon spent the winter of 2011 in the feedlot riding pens and from there she also went to Eastwood Stable (Leased) as a school horse, and is a barn favourite!! She has her own Facebook page!!!!

Moon is in foal for 2015 to OGO EastWest Coast - standing at Butte Morgans

moonlit magic

STM Quest's Workwize Cary
(Bramblerun Thunderquest  x  STM Victory's Charisma)
Foaled:  May 11, 2007
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC

Cary has grown into a beautiful solid mare.  Again I thank Mike and Marilyn Kulchar of Singletree Morgans for selling her to us!!!! I will be starting Cary this fall - 2012. She is presently (Dec 2012) at Greg Michelsons where he is putting the first month on her. From there I will be riding her and we have plans to breed her this spring to WorkWize Major Celebrity.

She is open for 2015.- Plans to breed her for 2016

STM quests workwize cary
Oct 18, 2008
STM quests workwize cary
July 08, 2008

Whippoorwill Woodwind
(Whippoorwill Jetwood  x  Triple S Win Spar)
Foaled:  May 28, 2002
Extended Pedigree:  CLRC

Windy has been with us since Aug 08. Many thanks to Kristi and Larry of Krila Morgans for letting this mare come to us! We have one foal from Windy, the last filly sired by Vaqueros Worwize Goldust. Plans are still to get this mare trained and some more foals from her . . .

She is open for 2015.

whippoorwill woodwind whippoorwill woodwind  
Oct 03, 2009