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WorkWize Texas Mickey (raf)
(Vaqueros WorkWize Goldust x Karenza Alice)
Foaled:  May 21, 2006

This colt is a smart one, and very bold.  He is halter broke already, loads, leads and has been in a parade. He has lovely movement,  and should mature around 15 hh.  He has some chrome that says, "look at me!" update - Oct 1\06  Mickey has shed out into a rich dark chestnut color, and has a  very striking presence. 

workwize texas mickey workwize texas mickey
workwize texas mickey
Sept 2006
workwize texas mickey
Sept 2006

WorkWize Rock Solid (raf)  
(Foxtail Dakota  x  Rocking M Miranda)
Foaled:  June 6, 2006

Rocky is built! This is a solid little colt in body and mind.  Easy to handle from the begining he has learned all his lessons easily. Very upheaded with big brown eyes.  Should mature around 14.3 hh. update - Nov 22/06 Now weaned and on his own he is unflapable would make a great driving prospect.

workwize rocky workwize rocky
workwize rock solid
Sept 2006

WorkWize Kleopatra (raf)
(Foxtail Dakota  x  Moonlit Magic)
Foaled:  June 8, 2006

"Kleo" is definetly Queen of the pasture.  Lots of presence but very level headed like her mother. She may be a smoky black.  She has about 10 white hairs on her forhead, and a small white triangle spot on the underside of her left front pastern.  She is halter broke, leads, ties, loads and has been in a parade and on display at the world famous Calgary Stampede in the Morgan display booth.  She has even had a bath already!  

workwize cleopatra workwize cleopatra

workwize kleopatra
Sept 2006
workwize kleopatra
Sept 2006

WorkWize Captain Jack
(Vaqueros WorkWize Goldust x Belle Star of Foxtail)
Foaled: Aug. 2, 2006
 "Jack" is cute and correct.  His springy trot and cute little whinny sure do grab at you.  This colt should end up being someones one and only.  Jack has shed out to a darker chestnut and will be weaned on Dec 2nd , very nice compact typy colt. 

workwize happy workwize happy